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Hi Everybody! This is Todd Copper and my new roommate 
Chris Stroud. We just wanted to update you on what we are up to. 
We are still looking for a job in the Dunwoody area. So if anybody 
has any leads, let me know. We have been looking for opportunities 
with Costco, Home Depot, Publix, Target, and Pet Land. So if you 
know someone that can help me put my foot in the door, I would 
appreciate it. 

In March, Todd Copper and Chris Stroud participated in panel discussions sponsored by DBHDD and the Georgia Advocacy Office at the Lodge at Simpsonwoods, Norcross, GA.  The interview was conducted by Darcy Elks, M.A., Elks Consulting. Website:

Check out the videos by pasting the links below into your web browser:

   PART 1 - What is a Home?
   PART 2 - What is a Home?



Information about Carmine's Microboard, his life, career, radio program, and his new micro-enterprise 
IT'S ALL ABOUT BUTTONS can be found at




Lois Curtis' uncommon self-advocacy began a chain of events that has affected the lives of people with disabilities across the nation. Lois became a civil rights activist and her actions became a catalyst within the disability rights movement. Her actions have had a profound affect upon the system of supports for people with disabilities due to the "Olmstead Decision." Today, Lois is a successful artist and activist. 

To listen to highlights from the opening of the Lois Curtis Exhibit at the Lyndon House Arts Center, click on:


The book, "How Many Angels Does It Take: The Remarkable Life of Heather Rose Brooks" written by Betty Wilson Beamguard is available on Amazon. 

"The Horsedriver" is a newly released video produced and directed by IHDD. It is a film about the power of community, and what can be achieved when a small group of committed individuals work together to support one person with a disability to live the life they choose.  The film tells the story of Heather Rose Brooks, a young woman from Stone Mountain, Georgia, who never let her disability stand in the way of her dreams. She and her mother Janice always figured out whatever adaptations they needed to accomplish many things together, but when they discovered the concept of Microboards, they realized that they had found a way to cement Heather's life in the community for good.  Even they, however, could not have known what a profound impact Heather's Microboard was going to have on her life.



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The purpose of Jonathan's new website is to raise public awareness of Autism, and to give back to the community as well.  On behalf of Jonathan and his family, many thanks for your support and kindness in purchasing one of Jonathan's works.

Although Jonathan has had no professional training, he works at least 3-4 hours a day sketching and drawing. He was awarded 1st Place in the Pilots Club of Atlanta and one of his paintings is now included in a traveling art exhibit. The Norton Park student placed 1st and 2nd in the Visual Arts General Education Division and 1st place in the Visual Arts Special Student Artist for his participation in the  PTA Reflections program, and had his work featured on the CCSD Comprehensive Annual Financial Report cover. 

Jonathan had three pieces on display at the “No Limits” art show and included in the VSA of Georgia Artists with Disabilities from August 21 – September 25th at the Mason Murer Fine Art Gallery, 199 Armour Drive, Atlanta, Georgia.   The Board of Education for the Cobb County School District featured one of Jonathan’s works on their webpage and his artwork was published in the CAFR Annual Budget Catalog for the Cobb County School District  A personal interview with Jonathan was broadcast on the weekly radio program, “Shaping Families” produced by Third Way Media.  

For a copy of the Georgia Council on Developmental Disabilities "Making A Difference" magazine - Winter 2012 - featuring an article in STRAIT TALK (Page 26) "I Do Know...But I Don't" by Lawanda and Jonathan Hayes go to:

Jonathan and La’Wanda Hayes were recently invited to be guest speaker/panelists at the Getting It Right from the Start Conference. Discussions focused on meeting the needs of children with disabilities who may require shelter and special accommodations during a state of emergency disaster. Their presentation was well received by representatives of FEMA and the National Red Cross, as well as state and federal officials. 


Brian Bohrer participated in a church-sponsored  retreat this summer and hopes to become more  involved in missionary groups such as UMCOR,the United Methodist Committee on Relief.  With the help and support of his Microboard board members, Brian and church volunteers assembled and delivered school supply kits, cleaning, health and layette kits to a UMCOR warehouse in Louisiana where they will be shipped to children in need all around the world.

We are also excited to announce that, after many months of labor, Brian Bohrer fulfilled his dream of writing a one act play for the Christmas Season entitled "I believe in the Miracle of the Bible." His premier as a director took place on Tuesday, December 9, at Norcross  First United Methodist Church.


Although Harold keeps busy with church activities, gardening, shopping and cooking lessons - he enjoys getting out every afternoon to take his dog Lucky for long walks in the community.   




The Georgia Microboards Association is funded in part by grants from the Division of Behavioral Health and Developmental Disabilities 
and by the Georgia Council on Developmental Disabilities

The Georgia Microboards Association is funded in part by grants from the Division of Behavioral Health and Developmental Disabilities 
and by the Georgia Council on Developmental Disabilities

The Georgia Microboards Association is funded in part by grants from the Division of Behavioral Health and Developmental Disabilities 
and by the Georgia Council on Developmental Disabilities

Georgia MICROBOARDS Association 

 We are also excited to announce that Amie has secured a small private display for her art notecards in the Art Gallery at Lucy Goosey Gifts in the Vista Grove shopping center, 2840 Lavista Road, Decatur 30033. Stop by and have a look. Hopefully, the display will grow larger as her popularity grows.  
                  Thanks to Lee Sanders and the Lucy Goosey team!


To view a video of how a PATH develops, visit: